Greg the Pilates Teacher

Greg Youdan, NCPT, MA, MS has established himself as a powerhouse in the Pilates community through his playful personality and challenging classes. Having a passion for movement science, Greg dedicated his life to helping others to move better. Extensive knowledge of the physical body and injuries, combined with his background in dance and motor learning, have given him the base to confidently tailor each and every workout. His original Pilates training was at Groundfloor Exercise, following the lineage of Carola Trier. He has since studied under Bob Liekins, Alycea Ungaro, Juan Estrada, Daniel Lyon and Lynda Lippin among others. Greg has taught at Real Pilates, Sixth Street Pilates and Groundfloor Exercise and is the founder of Pilates By Greg.

Greg looks to bring awareness through motion and balance, finding strength and flexibility using an evidence-based approach. His style is fun, energetic, and challenging. He believes that strength, balance, flexibility, and health are achieved every time we step on the mat or apparatus to begin our practice.

His main job isn’t teaching Pilates or even teaching movement but inspiring YOU to make your life better through Pilates. He believes his job is to let you know that it’s not easy, but that hard work pays off. Greg continues to find inspiration in his clients daily.

Greg is an avid foodie, loves traveling, adventure, and a good cup of coffee.

Available Workshops

Teaching Pilates to Learn – an Evidence Based Approach to Optimize Skill Learning

Contact greg@pilatesbygreg.com for more details

Private Sessions

Please join me for privates or duets at Westside Pilates. I am also available for private in-home sessions or workshops. Please contact me to arrange a session or a workshop